Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mini Detox Check-in... (and sample detox menu)

So Aileen and I are on Day 7 of our midsummer detox...and this is my breakfast (recipe is a variation of the one listed on my protein powder post). We are surviving it better than we were expecting; I think we were both in the right mindset to take a little break from typical summer indulgences.
I incorporate my favourite Thorne Mediclear cleanse powder containing 30g of organic brown rice protein, along with liver, digestion supportive nutrients, and supe it up with L-glutamine (to strengthen the lining of the digestive tract and lean muscle mass) and Organika Spirulina. Aileen prefers her hemp protein powder, and adds a shot of pomegranate juice in her shake...adds a nice bit of flavour.
We are both feeling 'digestively strengthened' (I'll keep it at that to avoid sharing too many details of our bowel improvements), with no cravings for wine (Aileen), beer (me), sweets or dairy, which were our biggest vices in the early part of the summer.
Energy has been fantastic, having great sleeps, and just feeling overall cleaner and less congested. We both agree that this was well-needed and surprisingly easy to incorporate. A bonus is that it is pretty easy to structure meals and menus for the week.

My biggest fears of detoxing several years back, was of losing weight, since most people look forward to shedding a few pounds on a detox. In my case, I find it harder to keep weight on, so during a detox, I ensure I have plenty of nutrient-dense, Calorie-rich snacks to keep my hunger satiated and prevent weight loss. I constantly munch on cashews, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds and almonds, and add an avocado and coconut milk to my shake each morning.

Here my typical day's menu on the detox (dairy, gluten, egg, corn, refined sugar, alcohol, chemical, preservative-free):

~ 600mL Super Smoothie (packed with antioxidant-rich fruit + protein)
Mid-morn snack: Handful of nuts/seeds
Lunch: 1.5 cups Brown rice with white and black sesame seeds and sea salt + non-spicy Korean side dishes (seaweed, bean-based) + 1 cup Sweet Potato Coconut Ginger Soup
Mid-afternoon snack: Apple, Nectarine, Pear
Dinner: 1 cup Quinoa, tomato-cucumber salad (with olive oil + balsamic vinegar), organic soft tofu (with grated ginger, sliced green onion, olive oil, lemon juice, soy sauce)

It's great being able to do a cleanse with Aileen because it keeps us both in check and we can support each other throughout, encouraging each other to eat well, and whine together if we miss some indulgences (which we did in our early spring detox, but not this one!). I highly recommend doing your detox with a partner or friend or family member.



  1. We are avoiding caffeine on the detox, so sticking to plenty of herbal teas and water.

    The Mediclear powder contains a caffeine-free green tea extract, which provides acceleration of liver detox phase 1 & 2 enzymes via the catechin we have that covered.

    In general, we love green tea as part of our regular diet.


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