Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My "Workout"

Aileen says:
I just came home from “working out” at my gym. Lately, “working out” means bypassing all the cardio equipment and going directly to the showers to get myself ready for a nice luxurious steam. Everything seems great until I lie down and feel a wave of guilt flood over me because I know this part should come only after I’ve sweated it out on the treadmill and my abs are still stinging from those crunches.

I usually fall into a steady downswing of self hatred (all while my pores are softening and my skin is being plumped with the much needed hydration). Why does this happen? I just spent all day thinking of the perfect five Beyonce songs that would be my soundtrack during the most amazing fat burning, energy boosting workout of my life. I’ve just spent the day telling my patients about the amazing benefits exercise has on circulation and stress release.

Before I melt into a puddle of self pity, I tell myself that I am just human. It’s optimal to strive for 3-5 exercise sessions per week ranging in the 30-60min time frame but somehow I have had 1 amazing step class this week and 2 extra awesome (minus the guilt) steam sessions. Although my skin is glowing, I know my muscles are begging me to pump some iron. Ok, deep breaths. No dwelling. Tomorrow is a new day. So here are some tips to help you stay motivated and on track with your workout schedule:

1. Go with a friend – Working out is also a great time to socialize with friends. Makoto and I work out with our good friend James and between the three of us, there is always one who is gung ho to go for a workout and influences the other two.

2. Bring your iPOD/CD PLAYER/WALKMAN - I’m one of those people that went straight from walkman to iPod. No matter what you use (or even if you just take a set of headphones to listen to the tv on the treadmill), something interesting and fun to listen to definitely makes the time go by fast.

3. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment – if you find yourself scheduled for a long day at the office on your next designated workout day, reschedule your workout to another day or take a brisk walk around the block and do some toning and stretching at home.

4. Take a look at your gym’s activity calendar on a regular basis. Most gyms have several new programs that they introduce every season to keep things fresh and fun. Even the world’s most inflexible man, Makoto, has tried Yoga. Have you tried a Zuma class yet? TOO MUCH FUN!

5. Keep it simple – as the weather becomes warmer, don’t underestimate the calorie burning, energy boosting power of a lovely 20min walk around your block.

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